Recent Sightings

For the best idea of what is being seen, it's always best to consult Then go to Explore and then Hotspots.

You can type in Hunter Island or Turtle Cove or wherever you want to go. A list will come up giving you the name of the person who was there last, and what they saw. If you're not a member of ebird, it's great to sign up. It's a free service that keeps a record of everything you saw as long as you're diligent about submitting results. You'll also be doing your part for Citizen Science. This is a free service.

Here's what seems to be around in the park, it's what I saw in the last few days:

In and around Turtle Cove:

week beginning 5/26 to now  

Carolina Wren

Cedar Waxwing

Baltimore Oriole

Grey Catbird

American Goldfinch

Warbling Vireo

Yellow Warbler

Double-crested Cormorant

Warling Vireo (H)

American Robin

Northern Mockingbird

Canada Goose

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker

Barn Swallow

Tree Swallow


Red-winged Blackbird

European Starling               

Song Sparrow

Common Tern

Black-crowned Night Heron

American Crow

Fish Crow

Common Grackle


Blue Jay

Brown-headed Cowbird

Virginia Rail (Brendan Keogh at Turtle Cove)

Willow Flycatcher

Common Yellowthroat

Turkey Vulture

Black Vulture

Baltimore Orioles are nesting now.