What To Do If You Find a Sick or Injured Bird

Often birds are stunned from hitting a building or glass window. They will sometimes recover on their own if they are taken out of danger.  Birds found on the ground during migration may just be exhausted or stunned.Feral cats are obviously a great danger to them and the stunned bird needs to be out of harm's way.

If the bird is a fledgling, try moving it to a safer nearby spot. The mother is probably nearby watching.You can tell a fledgling by its short feathers and downy appearance.

If you believe the bird is sick or badly injured, carefully, wearing gloves, place it a cardboard box. Do not try to feed the bird or give it water. Cover the box with a towel. Keep the box out of the sun or cold. If it doesn't recover, call the Wild Bird Fund, 646-306-2862 or visit their website, www.wildbirdfund.org

American Goldfinch