City Island Birding Club

    We are not really a “club” in the strict sense of the term. We don’t collect dues, we don’t have meetings, nor elect officers. We are a group of casual birders, who love to find birds here in Pelham Bay Park and sometimes in other nearby venues. Our walks are non-competitive, friendly and casual. Our “members” stay for the whole walk or leave when they get bored or tired. There are never any hard feelings and we are not on any kind of mission to make everyone a hard core bird watcher. We enjoy each other’s company and love to be outside, especially during migration. Our walks are scheduled around the bird populations during the year. To become a “member” just send your email address to me,  jack@ We are totally non-commercial and your name will not be given to any commercial interests or otherwise.

Here was a Barred Owl up close and very cooperative. Pelham Bay Park is known for its owls. From our home page link to see what we saw on other walks.

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